Dental Patient Testimonials

Below are some dental patient testimonials and reviews about the Corner Dentistry from all around the web including Yelp and Google Reviews. See what just a few of our patients have said about getting dental care from us.

“Incredibly professional, highly skilled, current, and friendly. Having an up-front review of X-rays – such that you’re seeing what they’re seeing – helps assure the quality of their analysis and work. After the cleaning, my teeth FEEL clean. Thorough, but gentle and efficient work.

The office is small, but well-suited and situated. The atmosphere is welcoming – not appearing overly sterile and distancing like most offices. Good-bye stale ceiling tiles and outdated dentists!”


“The place is swanky and all involved are notably friendly and professional. Best of all, they didn’t make me feel like a degenerate for not visiting a dentist in eight years and helped put me at ease after expressing some anxiety. This should probably be your dentist, call your old guy and let him down easy.”

“Went here yesterday and very happy I’ve found a new dentist. Very detailed and was explained everything. My last dentist was quick and I felt like something was missing, but here I felt I received a thorough cleaning I felt like I received great service. I recommend Corner Dentistry to anyone who wants their teeth treated the way they should be.”


“Phenomenal New Practice! Great attitude, lovely charisma, fancy technology and all-around good people. My husband and I both visited individually and each had the same conclusive thought: “is it weird to want to be best friends with your dentist?” – I’d say that was a great experience for a first visit :-)”


“I just had the best, least traumatic dental appointment here. I love that they are independent, in my neighborhood and always willing to work with me when I’m uninsured or underinsured. Dr Concepcion was fabulous as always. I also love that they will grab each other to consult or help as needed.”


“Long term dentist loyalist here. Recently migrated my dental care to Corner Dentistry and I was completely happy I did. Nearby, friendly, professional and great experience for a first visit. Highly recommended, the staff and dentists here are exactly as everyone says they are on Yelp here. Great to see high quality healthcare professionals in our neighborhood community.”


“Dr. Katz is so friendly and nice. My prior dentist was trying to talk me into getting an extra crown, but the dentists at corner dentistry looked over my old xrays and new ones and didnt feel that a crown was in any way needed. I really appreciate them not overselling services! The dental tech and office staff were very friendly too… this is a real mom and pop neighborhood dental practice!”

Chris M.Google Reviews

“The best dentists! Affordable, friendly, efficient, and excellent. The cleaning I got from Chloe, one of their hygienists, was through but gentle (a real plus after some very painful cleanings elsewhere).”

ElaineGoogle Reviews

“Fantastic experience. I needed a cleaning, a couple of fillings and a deep cleaning. They were very gentle and super friendly. I’ve been recommending them to anyone locally who needs a dentist.”

Mike S.Google Reviews

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